Code of Conduct

  1. Ensure that you arrive on time and in a motivational fashion.
  2. Listen to route briefing with full attention.
  3. Come prepared with the correct clothing / footwear including your Riviera Racers vest/tee-shirt.
  4. Ensure that you are well / fit enough to take part before arriving.
  5. Wear hi-visibility clothing or lights especially when running in dark conditions.
  6. Some of our training sessions will involve running on unlit pathways, so please bring a suitable head-torch when dark.
  7. Your coach or trainer may refuse you to run if they deem it unsafe considering the clothing that you are wearing.
  8. Do not place yourself or others in danger as a result of your own actions.  Your coach/trainer or the club are not responsible for your actions.
  9. Ensure that your belongings are safe, the club cannot be held responsible for the theft or damage of your items.
  10. Due to different running abilities, it may be necessary to split the routes so that everyone finishes in the same place at roughly the same time.
  11. Training sessions may rarely be cancelled due to a lack of interest on that particular day.
  12. Stay with your group or with someone at all times.  If you decide that you would like to break away from the group, please notify someone in your group or the coach/trainer.
  13. Do not be prejudiced or discriminative towards other members in the club, be competitive but don’t step over the line!
  14. Failure to adhere to the instructions of the trainer/coach can result in the cancellation of the training session.
  15. Any person causing alarm/distress to the club or it’s members will be asked to leave the group and could have their membership revoked by a committee meeting.
  16. If you have any concerns then to discuss them with your coach/trainer.
  17. When you wear a Riviera Racers top even if you are not running with the club, you are representing Riviera Racers, therefore any reports of wrong-doing will be fully investigated and if necessary that member will be banned from the club.
  18. Any bad language or aggression aimed at members of the public during training sessions will result in dismissal from the club with immediate effect.
  19. When you run with Riviera Racers as a member or a non-member, you do so at your own risk and the club or its insurance will not be held responsible for injury to yourself, another club member, the public or damage to public / private property as a result of your own actions.