Couch to 5k

Are you looking to get fit but are finding it hard to motivate yourself? 

Feeling like you want to do something about your fitness and well-being?

Or are you coming back from injury?

Why not try running!

Every Wednesday, we have a ‘Couch to 5k’ group that meets up at Corbyn Head at 7pm.  The session is led by Tamsin Philp, Chairman, Safeguarding & Wellbeing Officer at Riviera Racers and is designed to get you from walking to jogging and eventually taking part in a 5k event.  Tamsin is an Elite Sports Therapist, working for Pulse Therapy at Devon Hills in Paignton, and is the best person to go to for injury advice and the best way to plan ahead getting back into running following injury. 

The session is designed for all ages and abilities, so please don’t be scared to come down and give it a go.  First 2 sessions are free, then its just £25 membership + one off £5 joining fee. 

It could change your life completely!

For more details, please e-mail Tamsin at


2 thoughts on “Couch to 5k”

  1. Hi Stacey

    #Couch to 5k is still taking entries and will be held this Wednesday night at 7pm from The Wighton, Newton Road, Edginswell! See you there hopefully! Thanks, Dan

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