Summer Medal – Sunday 4th June 2017


Our first club run is open to members for this exciting 5k and 10k club race.  We have purposely kept the run low-key and exclusive to our club members.  Both the 5k and 10k will start and finish from Cockington village square, with the 10k run starting at 10.30am.  The 5k run will start at 10.55am.  The route follows the board walk down to the seafront, turns right heading up the Livermead hill and to Paignton before returning back along the same route.

A medal will be awarded to each finisher as well as beverage from a drinks menu.

Please note that this a club run and that anyone who wishes to enter must be a member or have been personally invited by the club leaders.

To enter, please click the below payment button (small handling fee if paying online).

When taking part, you accept that the run is organized as a club run and confirm that you will not enter this run unless you are 16 years or older on the day of the club run and you are fit to do so. You accept that you take part in this club run at your own risk and will not hold the organisers of this event responsible for any injury, loss or damage that might arise as a result of your participation in this run.