Training Sessions

What days do we train?

Monday and Wednesday Evenings

Our regular weekly training sessions are on Monday and Wednesday evenings, at 7.15pm. Our usual meeting point is outside Torre Abbey, Torquay, but please check our homepage or Facebook page at the start of the week to confirm meeting points and further details of the training sessions.

Training sessions are suitable for all abilities of runner from improvers to advanced, with groups to cover a wide range of paces and distances. The sessions will cover various aspects of running fitness including distance training, speed training and hill running, at an appropriate level for your ability. We have a team of friendly and experienced Run Leaders who lead the sessions and new members are always welcome! Please email us .for further information or if you have any questions regarding training sessions

Usually training sessions will be road based but we regularly incorporate trail runs into our training, which are great fun and offer a different type of running challenge! We will let you know in advance if any groups require particular kit such as trail shoes or headtorches. 

Sunday Trail Runs

Whenever possible we will offer a weekend trail run (this is dependent on weekend race schedules!). Trail runs are great for exploring the local countryside and coastal paths, and experiencing different terrains! Meeting times / locations and routes will vary so please check our homepage or Facebook page during the week for more details. We aim to offer difference distances and difficulty levels from week to week: Some routes will be shorter and suitable for improvers or those wishing to try a trail run for the first time; other routes will be longer and/or include challenging terrain, for more experienced trail runners. 

Is it Weather permitting?

We train year-round, when it's raining, sunny, cloudy, hot and cold! Occasionally it is necessary to cancel a training session if the conditions would make it unsafe to run - for example, if it is snowy, icy or in extremely high winds. If there are weather warnings in place, please check our Facebook page for any cancellation notices.

What shall I wear and bring?

Wearing your Riviera Racers club vest or tee-shirt is compulsory when training. You must also carry your Riviera Racers membership card with you as it contains your emergency contact details. Please dress appropriately to the weather and temperature, and wear suitable running trainers for road running. During evening training sessions in the winter when it is dark, it is mandatory to have a high viz/reflective top. Please carry water with you if you will need it during the run, this is especially important during the hot weather. We will sometimes run a muddy trail where trail running shoes will be required, or an off-road night-run when you require a headtorch, but we will always let you know in advance if these are required for a particular run.