Training Sessions

What days do we train?

Monday Nights - Groups 1, 2, 3 (Advanced, Intermediates & Improvers).

Training starts at 7pm, meeting at the bottom of Seaway Lane on Torquay seafront.  All runners will start at the same time and point, with different distances and paces covered to suit each ability group.

Wednesday Nights - Groups 1, 2, 3 & 4 (Advanced, Intermediates, Improvers & Couch25k).

Meet at 7pm. Location varies but usually from Torquay. All runners will start at the same time and point, with different distances and paces covered to suit each individual group. If you are completely new to running or returning from an injury or a long break, Wednesday evenings Couch25k group is suitable for you.

Sunday Mornings - Trail Running for Groups 1 & 2 (Advanced & Intermediate). Please note that there will be no run if there are running events being run by members on Sunday.

Meeting times and location vary each week. A scenic, challenging but very rewarding trail including hills and tough terrain through our stunning local countryside. Distances covered are anything between 6 and 15 miles, depending on the group ability on the day. 

Is it Weather permitting?
If it's snowing, too icy or a hurricane, then training is off! Apart from that, we train when it's raining, sunny, cloudy, hot and cold!
What shall I wear and bring?
Wearing your Riviera Racers vest or tee-shirt is compulsory when training. Please dress appropriately to the weather and temperature and wear suitable running trainers for road running. It may be possible that we will run some muddy trails where trail running shoes will be required, but we will pre-warn you about that!

What training group should I be in?

Group 4 - Couch25k

If you are completely new to running, or are returning after an injury or a long break this is the group for you. We will start you off at a steady pace, walking in sections if you wish. The sessions are coached and will cover anything from 1 to 3 miles, depending on your individual ability. In this group, we aim to progressively build up your running fitness and stamina to be able to run 5km (3 miles) continuously. 

Group 3 - Improvers

If you are aleady running around 3 miles then this is the group for you. This group is more progressive than Group 4 and focusses on more continuous running. We will help you to build up your running distances to around 6 miles and will cover some speed work too.

Group 2 - Intermediate

Designed for runners who regularly run distances of 6 - 13 miles. In these sessions, we will cover all aspects of running fitness including speedwork, endurance, progressive pacing and hillwork. Different types of terrains including trail.

Group 1 - Advanced

This group is for runners who an comfortably run a half marathon in under 1hr 45 mins. Running in this group includes speedwork, hillwork, endurance, progressive pace control and tougher trail running.