Couch25k Superstars!

Congratulations to all those who completed our Couch 25K Programme!

The Couch to 5k programme is suitable for people who are completely new to running. It starts with very short intervals of running with walking, and gradually builds up running distances over the course of 9 weeks until participants can run continuously for 5 kilometres (3.1 Miles). 13 runners completed the Couch to 5k programme which started in January, and they have all now joined the club to continue to run regularly with us!

We celebrated the achievements of the Couch to 5k runners at our recent Club AGM held at The Blagdon Inn on 29th March, where they were each presented with a certificate and medal.  Jenny King, one of the participants said ‘Joining Rivera Racers Couch to 5k has not only improved my fitness, it’s helped me to enjoy running! I had never run before but because it was a slow and supported introduction I felt able to progress further each week, with the encouragement of the Run Leaders.’

The programme was led by Run Leaders Em Reece and Anne Roberts. Anne commented ‘it’s really wonderful seeing how our Couch25k have progressed over the last few months. They have all shown great energy and enthusiasm, and helped to support and encourage each other along the way’ Many of them have taken part in the local Park Run at Torbay Velopark and have now signed up for a race as their next running challenge!

Following the success of the Couch25k programme, we hope to lead another one later on this year. Please contact Run Leader Anne Roberts for more information or if you are interested in participating:


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