Torbay Half Marathon and The Wigan Runner!

Weekly Race Report 24th June – Riviera Racers joined by Wigan Runner to Celebrate Half Marathon Successes!

Matt Dalton took part in the Devon AA Championships at Exeter Arena on 19th June. Matt finished 3rd place in the B10,000m race, with a new PB and Club record of 39:20:91 and 3rd place in the Westcountry Mile B race with a time of 5:30:43

The weekend marked the arrival of Matthew Melling, better known as The Wigan Runner, to Torbay. Matthew has been running all over the UK and abroad, for over 900 consecutive days, whilst fundraising amazing amounts for various charities and community projects. After visiting the Bay earlier this year he was delighted to receive an invitation to run in the Torbay Half Marathon for a return visit! Matthew joined Riviera Racers for Torbay Velopark Park Run on Saturday morning celebrating his 903rd day of running and 71st Park Run. Results were as follows: Alexander Walters 19:10 (PB), Chad Nelson 23:30, Jessica Miller 24:37; Matthew Melling 26:24, Anne Roberts 26:25, Scott Cooper 27:38, Claire Frost 32:33. Matt Dalton took part in the Parke Park Run, finishing 7th place in 22:17.

Meanwhile, Club Founder Dan Butterworth took on the challenge of Pure Trails Tsunami Ultra marathon, 37.5 miles of rugged coastal running with over 7,000ft elevation. Dan finished in 9th place with a time of 8:47:25. On Sunday morning, Mari Martinez took part in the Haldon 10km trail race completing in a time of 57:53.

The long awaited 28th Torbay Half Marathon took part on Sunday 23rd June. Following several months of focussed training, 26 Riviera Racers took part and completed the race, many of whom were competing in their first half marathon. The club was again joined by The Wigan Runner on his 904th day of running for post-race celebrations after enjoying this wonderfully organised race, and some great times and PBs! Results were as follows:  Julian Smith 1:26:12, Preecha Intamart 1:27:53 (PB), Matt Dalton 1:30:44, Chris King 1:34:22 (PB), Alexander Walters 1:37:49 (PB), Malcolm Nelson 1:44:57 (PB), Adam Cliff 1:46:32 (PB), Lisa Eales 1:47:17; Jess Perriss 1:48:02 (PB), Paul Ricketts 1:48:14 (PB); Scott Cooper 1:50:03 (PB), Jo Wolf 1:50:50 (PB), Ben Reed 1:52:50, Alex Johnson 1:55:06, Anne Roberts 1:56:17 (PB), Jon Storer 2:03:45 (PB), Em Reece 2:05:18, Jenny Mansell 2:07:16, Amanda Holley 2:10:19, Luke Rendle 2:11:57 (PB), Paul Mitchell 2:18:17 (PB), Pang Rogers 2:34:24, Stuart Chadwick 2:45:31, Lucy Nelson 2:45:55, Anita Newcombe 2:45:55, Katie Brock 2:50:10. Congratulations to all our runners on their fantastic achievements!


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